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Infernalism... And The Consequences It Brings

Updated: Mar 23

Infernalism in Underworld refers to actions or behaviors that disrupt the immersive experience of the game world and break character. It's important to remember that LARPing is a collaborative and immersive experience, and infernalism can negatively impact the enjoyment of all participants. These actions can vary depending on the specific LARP and its rules, but here are some common examples of what can be considered infernalism here in Mournfall:

  • Out-of-Game (OOG) talk about real-world topics or using modern terms instead of staying in-character.

  • Using cell phones and other electronic devices that are not part of the game world.

  • Using information that your character wouldn't realistically know, especially if it hasn't been revealed in-game, is considered metagaming and disrupts the role-playing experience. This is one of the biggest issues when it comes to infernalism and is taken very seriously.

  • Ignoring established rules and mechanics can create confusion and disrupt the balance of the game.

  • Failing to adhere to costume and props guidelines established by the game rules. Ie: not wearing proper racial characteristic costume requirements.

A decorative jar of birch sticks surrounded by lit candles.
A decorative jar of birch sticks surrounded by lit candles.

Infernalism (manifested in-game as black smoke) is detrimental to the LARP experience because it undermines the very essence of live-action role-playing, which is to collectively create and inhabit an immersive fictional world. When participants engage in actions or behaviors that disrupt this immersion and break character, it not only detracts from the enjoyment of others but also diminishes the sense of shared storytelling and escapism that makes our world unique and captivating.

Here are some ways to avoid infernalism:

  • The easiest way is to simply stay in character. Commit to portraying your character consistently throughout the game, avoiding out-of-character discussions or actions that don't fit the game world.

  • Familiarize yourself with the setting, lore, and rules in advance so that your character and actions align with the established world. Respect the game's rules and mechanics, as they are designed to maintain balance and fairness in the game world.

  • Ensure your costume and props adhere to the guidelines and fit the game's setting, helping to create a visually consistent world.

  • Using alternate names for places outside of our game world. This should be used with moderation and preferably not too openly. Ie: Tim Hortons -> Horton’s Farm, Walmart -> Wal’s Shop, Amazon -> Rainforest Market, Dollar Store -> Single Silver Shop, etc.

  • You can talk about your vacation or personal trip using in game terms and language. This point is not to say that you can't spend any of your time at game chatting with your friends about what you want, but keep it in game and in character. Challenge yourself, or leave it until after the event is called.

  • Don't use information that your character wouldn't realistically know, and avoid using out-of-game knowledge to influence in-game decisions. Any conversations had outside of proper role-play should not exist in your character’s mind.

  • Remind others that infernalism should be avoided if you see or hear any.

As a community we should strive to work together to create a world we can all be proud of. But what happens when infernalism goes too far?

The Grim, hunting down its prey.
The Grim, hunting down its prey.

Beware the dire consequences of summoning The Grim through excessive infernalism in your adventures. Just as infernalism disrupts the immersive tapestry of your game world, this ominous demon disrupts the very essence of your collective storytelling, extinguishing the magic of your role-playing experience. Strive to preserve the enchantment of your realm, for once The Grim is unleashed, it may cast a shadow from which there is no escape, forever altering the fabric of your fantasy. Cherish the collaborative and immersive spirit of LARPing, and let The Grim remain but a whispered tale of caution, rather than a menacing reality.


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