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Ice Elves (Crissen'Thalan)

The ice elves are the native elven race of Jormungr. They are identifiable by their blue tipped ears, and pale blue skin. There are many Bands that live in the frozen wastes in, and around the Oasis; the Cold Spears, the Pilgrims of Peace, and the Sisters of Suffering are but a few that have made contact with the citizens of Mournfall.

Cold Spears

Leader: Brother Be’lor, Spear Holder

A Band of proud warriors, they control the fortress at the North Eastern edge of the Oasis. They were Mournfall’s primary, and strongest ally during the first few establishing years of Mournfall. Helping to keep Mournfall’s enemies from crossing into the oasis.

Pilgrims of Peace

Leader: Brother Lavel, Abbot

A peaceful Band of crissen’thalan. They speak with people about the painful lessons of life. Often giving a small gift as a reward to their interlocutor, for their willingness to share and learn. Stoic in demeanor, they are healers whose teachings are focused around taking on and bearing the suffering of others.

Sisters of Suffering

Leader: Unknown

People of Interest: Stella the Huntress, Mistress of Suffering

Cunning, sadistic, and beautiful. An all female Band of crissen’thalan known for their love of pain, and torture.

Historical Events Concerning Mournfall

Mournfall first encountered the ice elves as the refugees from Ashendael struggled against their gnollish enemies.

The refugees had only recently arrived in the oasis a few moons prior, when the Cold Spears (lead by Brother Ba’lor) arrived to offer aid, and protection. This offer came around the same time as the local einish clans had also offered their protection to the refugees. After deliberating, the First Town Council of Mournfall decided to take the Cold Spears’ offer, and began the first steps toward forging an alliance with the crissen’thalan.

With the aid of the Cold Spears, Mournfall was successful in pushing back the gnolls, and securing a home for themselves. As Mournfall began to settle in, a warband of einish slavers raided the settlement. In the raid, more than a dozen Mournfall citizens were kidnapped. Before the slaver ship could make their escape, a small party of crissen’thalan boarded the ship and freed close to half of the captives.

In celebration of their shared achievements, and the new alliance, the Cold Spears hosted the Mournfall people for a masquerade, and the Second Town Council election.

Over the next few years, a fog would sweep over the oasis, making trips between Mournfall (at the center of the oasis), and the Cold Spear Fortress (a day's travel away) difficult.

As the fog began to clear, a call for aid was sent by the Cold Spears, to Mournfall. The einish clans had gained a new fervor, and began a renewed offensive against the Fortress. It was decided that Mournfall would answer their call for aid. However, instead of giving aid to the Cold Spears, Mournfall lost the alliance due to a series of; murders, aiding the Cold Spears’ enemies, and other smaller acts of incivility.

During the great storm, the Cold Spear fortress became sealed away beneath a dome of ice. Since then little if any contact has been made between Mournfall and the crissen’thalan.

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