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The Tavern

The Tavern, currently under the name “The Last Laugh” to honour the Benevolent Lord Misrule, is located at the intersections of paths to the Dark Church, to the Town Center over the bridges, and to the Bastion.

The Tavernkeepers, Voska and Veska, are gracious and generous hosts in their establishment.

Folks from all walks of life congregate here to embark on a different kind of adventure, a gastronomic one. Serving breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks in between, there is something for every discerning palette! Beverages of all kinds pour freely from their taps.

A patron orders lunch at The Last Laugh tavern.

Moreover, the food may not the only attraction. Some come for the rumours, whispers, and scuttlebutt. Some have even seen notes secretly passed under plates.

There are the odd occasions the Tavernkeepers seek the help of adventures for tasks and errands in return for coin or material.

It is known throughout Mournfall that there is Fae magic afoot within the Tavern’s four walls. Is it a curse on the building itself or a mischievous Fae contract from its owners? No one is certain, but what all can agree on is this: “If you kill the staff, you become the staff.”

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