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The Einher are a semi-nomadic warrior race that calls the lands of Mjoll home. For the most part they hold honour and strength in the highest regard. The ways of the Einher can be shockingly vulgar and crude to those unaccustomed to Northern life, but even the most uncivilized clans value family and honour above all else. Most Einher are trained in the ways of the warrior at a young age, from the battle hardened berserkers to the relatively peaceful farmers. Both men and women are expected to know how to hold their own, protect their family, and defend what is theirs.


The land they live in is harsh and unforgiving as they share the northernmost lands of Maud’Madir with Pandora and her wicked Ice Elves, known to many as Crissen’Thalan. There is no love between the Einher and the Ice Elves to their north, and the two clash on the field of battle more often than not. Most Einher detest Ice Elves beyond the point of hatred. Throughout their history the Ice Elves have attempted to force the worship of Pandora upon them and, failing that, murdered and tortured their kin. This bad blood between the two civilizations has lasted hundreds of years and shows no signs of abating.

Einher are most known throughout the land not for their love of battle, but for their desire to die in the heat of it. Most Einher believe that if they die in battle their gods will be pleased and their spirits will ascend into a glorious hall in the celestial realm of Valhalla, where servants will attend their every need, their drinking horns will never empty, and they can carouse and battle until the end of days. At that time they will be called upon to fight once more in the land of the living, in a final battle known as Ragnarok. There is no greater honour in an Einher’s life than to die in glorious battle. To die outside of battle, through poison, old age, or cowardice, is considered a fate far worse than death.

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