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The First Night

Just about everyone has a story to tell about their first larp experience. Your first night in Mournfall should be one to remember as well. We want to keep the panic and terror for in-character stories though, so here's a guide to surviving the first night (at least until the monsters come out).



Its a good idea to arrive before the sun sets. Some people even arrive as early as 2-3pm on Friday evening to start setting up. This is the perfect time to set up your tent, unpack your things, explore the grounds and meet other players.


Camping spots are on a first come-first served basis besides a few specific locations. Be sure to get familiar with certain locations such as Town Center (the main "community hub"), NPC Camp (where the GMs and Shapers run the event from), the Tavern (where food can be purchased) and the washrooms (for obvious reasons).


This is also a great time to start getting into your costuming and makeup if you aren't already.

New Player Speech


Around 8pm is the time where NPLs (New Player Liaisons) will gather any first-time attendees for a new player speech. They will give a quick refresher on the basic rules, important information and answer any questions. Make sure to attend this speech before your first event!



At the same time, around 8pm, the logistics and marshaling desk will be open to "log in" to the event. These steps must be done to participate in the event.


Make sure you listen to the new player speech before doing this if its your first event! If this is your 2nd event, please get marshaled before going to log.


Armour and Weapon marshals will be present to perform safety checks of weapons. Make sure you bring all weapons and armour you plan to use to have them approved. If this is your 2nd event, you will also have your worn armour counted and receive an armour card based on what you are wearing (this will be useful at log afterwards).



Once marshaled, you can head over to logistics. You will require a few things in order to be able to make the process quick and easy.


  • A pre-registered character (must be done before the Tuesday ahead of the event). Characters can be created at log but this is highly discouraged.

  • A signed waiver (done before the Tuesday ahead of the event). The waiver only needs to be filled in once.

  • If this isn't your first event, payment if paying cash (pre-payments can be done until the Thursday ahead of the event).

  • Any Raw Material tags you may owe from production you've requested.


And, you'll receive a few things in return.


  • Your character envelope that contains your character sheet and skill tags for the weekend. This envelope must stay with you at all times. It is your character's soul and they do not exist without it.

  • Any production/tradesman tags you requested through the database.

  • On your first event, a gold and silver coin to spend.

  • On your second event, item tags for 2 weapons of your choice (that your character is proficient with), spell books for your character's spheres containing scrolls up to the level they know and 30 points worth of armor tags (divided between leather, studded leather, chain and plate as you choose).

Pre-Game Announcements


After you've logged in, you're free to do as you wish until the pre-game announcements from the GMs. These usually happen between 10 to 11pm.


The out-of-character portion of the announcement goes over important information such as site boundaries, some refreshers on rule mechanics that might be used over the weekend, introductions of Medical Marshals, and so on.


While the in-character portion of the announcement goes over some relevant recent events in the game world, or may be done as a character speaking to Mournfall's citizens.

Lay On!


When "Lay On!" is called, the in-character portion of the event begins! From this point on, you will be in character until Sunday afternoon.


Anything can happen!

Important Note: Events can be extremely overwhelming at times. You may be put into situations that are very harrowing or distressing. The first night can be difficult. Keep in mind that you can always speak to a shaper or marshal (white hat or headband) and go to NPC camp if you need a moment to rest and gather yourself.

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