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Nightfrost Hold

"Realizing that the domain Pandora resided in was barred to her, and that there was no way for her to chase the goddess, Zsiera was overcome with a grief that knew no limit. Her claws carried her without intent or purpose towards the nearby Nightfrost Hold, the storm heralding her arrival though the mortals who lived there had no idea the reckoning it was to bring. The moment she laid eyes on the mortals, those who had been so very close to her when she needed them, something in her mind broke. Her grief was met in equal measure with a rage that would level the city, her roars of rage and pain carrying out over the snow for days on end.

There is no exact record of how long this blind fury lasted, with some claiming it to be days while others argued weeks or even months. All that is known, however, is that at the end of it Zsiera lay down in the ruins of what was once a great city within her domain, and she went to sleep."

Nightfrost is the primary residence of The White, and it is there she can usually be found resting or gorging herself upon the offerings of those who are still

Nightfrost, a ruined city in the frozen north, taken by bandits.

desperate enough to remain within the ruined city. The mortal occupants of the city are, for the most part, criminals or outcasts who seek shelter in a place where no one sane would dare to follow them. They eke out a harsh life, trading to get the supplies they need and raiding the surrounding areas for supplies and any they can kidnap to bring to Zsiera as an offering. Should the Firstborn ever slip into a rage while within Nightfrost’s walls, there is always a mad stampede to clear the area, with some of the more industrious bandit kings having dug out shelters for themselves under the city in case they are ever caught off guard.

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