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Here is a quick overview of the base races of Underworld. Each of the individual races in Underworld grants their own advantages and disadvantages. These can range from being able to withstand poisons to having a vulnerability to sunlight and anything in between!


In order to play certain races it may be necessary to meet the appropriate "racial characteristics" (detailed below in blue). This can include prosthetic racial features such as Elf ears, or a Dwarf’s beard. Before you choose a race that requires makeup and/or prosthetics such as beards, ears, and horns, ensure that you are not allergic to makeup and are willing to wear it for a whole weekend at a time.

See the Races section of the Core Rulebook for more information on each race.


The Savar’Aving are a matriarchal race of cat-people who resemble humanoid hunting cats. Their society is ruled by women and views male Savar’Aving as second-class citizens. It is rare to find a dominant male Savar’Aving who is free and even more rare for him to survive for long. The Savar’Aving are a strong, proud race with deep ties to nature. They have recently suffered a catastrophic plague of necromantic origin that killed many of their people and then turned them into Undead. The few Savar’Aving that survive today struggle to put to rest their Undead sisters and attempt to rebuild their once great society. The Savar’Aving were originally known simply as the Savar, but those who survived the plague began to call themselves Savar’Aving to remind themselves that, no matter what fate throws at them, they will triumph.

Their distinguishing characteristics are make-up appropriate for the type of cat being played, and possibly the use of a prosthetic feline nose if make-up is sub-par or your subspecies is similar looking to another race. Completely black cats may not be played.


The Gargylen are a sentient race of half-construct, half-living gargoyles. Originally slaves, they have since broken free from the oppressive yoke of their mage creators. This construct race has proven that they have free will and are sentient. They have also developed a method of reproduction. Very little is known about them, and they have no recognized territory or homeland. A Gargylen’s skin is stone grey and often hardened, making them less susceptible to conventional weapons. All Gargylen are horned and although some have wings, they are all flightless. They are an enigma, and questions surround their purpose or moral standings. Most seem to possess an instinctual need to protect the innocent, although this is certainly not the case with all Gargylen. Gargylen characters will be no older than 30 when they come into game. Gargylen babies mature into adults in six months.

Grey skin with large horns protruding from the forehead. Note: wings are optional, but will not allow flight.

Mountain Dwarves

Mountain Dwarves are famed miners and smiths, though they may specialize in any number of trades. All dwarves sport a full beard and, although they are generally shorter than humans, they are on average stockier and hairier.

All Mountain Dwarves have a full beard at least 6 inches in length, adorned with gems and/or jewelry, regardless of whether they are male or female. If a Dwarf’s beard is ever cut, it will grow back within a few minutes.

Dark Elves (Drael'Thalan)

Dark Elves are an underground dwelling race that is sensitive to sunlight. Because of this, Dark Elves shun the surface world during daylight hours and often live underground. The Dark Elves are mistrusted by the other races, mainly because of their dark reputation for deception and murder, as well as their natural aptitude with Alchemy.

Short pointed ears with black tips. Grey makeup covering the eyes that extends to the temples. Black veins around the outer edges of the eyes and extending from around the mouth, outwards along the cheeks and downwards towards the neck. Optional: Veins down the neck, black lipstick.

High Elves (Deminis'Thalan)

High Elves are a long-lived race that make their home primarily in cities. All High Elves are graceful, artistic and magically inclined. Although wise, they are perceived by other races as arrogant and rude.

Short pointed ears.