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Classes of Underworld

Underworld has 9 base classes to choose from, each with their own costs when it comes to purchasing skills with CP. By no means should you feel you need to comply with the title of your class. A mercenary can be a well-read pacifist, a mage can be a sneaky thief, and a bard can be a bloodthirsty warrior. 

Any class can purchase almost any skill outside of occupational skills. To learn more about each class' individual skills as well as a wide variety of other skills you can add to your character, see the "Occupations and Abilities" and the "Skills and Descriptions" sections of the Core Rulebook


Hamstring: Injure the target’s leg and slow their movement.

Head-Butt: Stun your foe for a short time with a powerful blow to the head.

Dismember: Sever a foe's arm or leg.

Razor's Edge: Sharpen, hone or reinforce a weapon to gain an edge in combat.


Detoxify: Pull toxins and alchemical substances from an ally's bloodstream.

Trailblazing: Release yourself from a magical or alchemical binding without injury.

 Nature's Grasp: Infuse your weapon with natural energies to bind your enemies.

Call of the Hunt: Commune with nature and perform a sacrifice to summon a powerful Hunt-Master and their hounds, or become one yourself.


Burn Slot: Burn away memorized spells to empower your weapon strikes.

Scroll Harvest: Cast magic from scrolls without burning them.

Weapon Break: Shatter your opponent's weapon, sending the shards hurdling toward them.

Weapon Conduit: Absorb magic targeting you and channel it through your weapon.


Shiv: Sharpen your weapon to bypass your opponent's armour.

Silent Strike: Silence your enemies with a perfectly placed strike.

Spirit Sever: Cut the strands binding a spirit to their corpse.

Penetration: Bypass any armour or magical defenses an opponent may have with a single decisive strike.


Feint: Quickly evade an incoming alchemical gas globe attack.

Duplicate Key: Duplicate any key, magical or otherwise.

Dim: Blend into the darkness and become invisible and incorporeal so long as you do not move, attack or make a sound.

Passwall: Attune to a small portion of a solid surface, allowing you to pass back and forth through it.

Wytch Hunter

Wytch Mark: Create magical symbol traps that trigger when a foe is affected by a type of magic you oppose.

Twist of the Tongue: Inflict a terrible attack, twisting and spiraling a foe's tongue should they cast magic you oppose.

Karmic Ricochet: Absorb a magic spell from a sphere you oppose and throw it back to the caster, into the ground or use it on yourself.

Counter Magic: Destroy any spell or ritual from a type of magic you oppose. 


Song of Aversion: Cloud the minds of your foes, confusing them to your exact presence and hiding you for a few precious moments.

Song of Love: Serenade your opponents and charm them with your performance.

Song of Intermission: Use your performance to delay or extend any spells or effects, even death.

Song of Heroism: Perform a masterpiece of heroic inspiration, leading allies to victory and bringing life back to the injured.


Create Grove: Create a living grove that can commune with the land, sense threats and identify fae creatures.

Forest Meld: Become one with nature, hiding your presence.

Totem: Assume the form of a chosen animal.

Henge: Grow your grove into a powerful henge with the ability to resurrect allies, act as a protective barrier and even open a portal to the fae realm.


Identify Magic Item: Identify the magical properties of an item.

Mana Harvest: Regain spent spells and cast them again.

Create Familiar: Create and bring to life a familiar made of raw magic to store and cast a spell.

Power Nexus: Create a circle of power to be used in the casting of potent ritual magic.

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