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People of Interest

Lord Aayden Drach 

Faction: The 7th Company Imperial Dragoons

Commander Ayden Drach
Aris, The Accountant

Faction: Accountant for Lord Ayden Drach

  • A cindus'thalan (fire elf) originally from Rashada. He came to Jormunger as a way to leave an unpleasant situation.
  • He lived in the ruined city of Nightfrost for some time, rising in the ranks of power to rule over his own districts and estate within the city. He held the position of accountant and magistrate to Lord Misrule. His skills included accumulating wealth for Lord Misrule to finance his army and endeavors.
  • As Lord Misrule became more and more unstable due to the constant rebellion from within Mournfall, Aris lost faith in the power of his position allowing him to survive. He chose to betray Misrule by attempting to assassinate him, which ended in failure. He then turned himself in to Commander Drach, seeking asylum.
  • As part of his asylum, he brokered a deal with The Impaler in which Aris gave up all his city districts and estates in Nightfrost to the Impaler, who would in return withdraw from the battlefield when the time came for Mournfall to make a final stand against Misrule's forces.
  • After Misrule was defeated, Aris was kept on house arrest by Commander Drach until he could stand trial. At the public trial, Drach asked the townsfolk if Aris deserved a second chance, and although there were some opinions against him, the majority chose to see his betrayal of their former enemy as redemption and allowed him to live.
  • As of 2266, Aris was hired by Lord Drach to do the same job he did for Misrule; as his accountant in matters of taxation and local administrator in Mournfall

Aris, the Accountant

Faction: Magistrate of Nightfrost

Ellowyn, The Crag Surgeon

Faction: Formerly a Magistrate of Nightfrost

Ellowyn, the Crag Surgeon

Faction: Unknown

Formerly a servant to Lord Misrule trapped within a constructed body as part of an experiment. It was freed from its flesh prison as the faceless called in his favors, pacts and deals.

It is unknown if the construct body known as "The Boy" knew about this demonic being.

The demon Eserafiel

Faction: None

Old man that lives in the old tower library. Recently discovered as a former fallen angel of Salam.


Faction: Unknown

King of Da Trollz

Faction: Da Bridge

Leader of all the greenskins from Da Bridge. Has helped town in the past during the war with the gnolls.

King of Da Trollz
Former Captain-Regent Vadius Lysander

Faction: Pride of Lions

  • He was a lieutenant of the Pride of Lions company during the war against Ga'more and the brood in Melinda. During a battle in which the company suffered 90% casualty as well as many civilian casualties, Lysander took up the position of Captain.
  • First met the early settlers of Mournfall as Captain of the Pride of Lions. He was given a contract by Commander Drach to relocate the remaining inhabitants of the town of Ashendael to the north. The town had suffered demon attacks and manipulation by their ruling nobles who had joined Louisa Berphaunt's rebellion against the crown. While the nobles were sent to the capitol for trial, the adventuring population were taken on a journey by ship.
  • Tasked with claiming and building up a settlement for Berphaunt in the northern reaches of Jormunger, Captain Lysander struggled for years alongside the adventurers who came to call the town of Mournfall home.
  • During the war with Nightfrost, Lysander was stabbed in the back during a planned retreat trying to draw the forces of Nightfrost and the Butcher into several traps the adventurers had planned. He was captured by Lord Misrule, who taunted Lysander's friends and allies with his broken, injured body, before flying away on a white drake
  • Lysander was held captive for a year in Nightfrost while Lord Misrule attempted to extract information from him on the whereabouts of Obyryn and the Scepter of Madness which he believed could control the labyrinth.
  • In 2265, a final plan to rescue Lysander was created by the remnants of the Pride of Lions, led by Lieutenant and acting Captain Sawyer. With the help of their Mournfall allies, Sawyer's plan was successful, however Lysander had been cursed somehow by Lord Misrule. He was weak and frail. No magic, alchemy, or medicine was able to cure him. He decided to officially step down and name Sawyer as his successor before returning to the city to search for a cure.
Former Captain-Regent Lysander
Misrule, The Benevolent Lord

Faction: Magister of the City State of Nightfrost, Lord Protector of Mournfall

"Who am I? Well, right now I'm a Magister of the great City State of Nightfrost, and Lord Protector of the settlement of Mournfall. I'm the boss, your Lord, and hopefully your friend. Because I think we'd both much prefer if you and I are friends.


Please call me The Benevolent Lord Misrule. 'Benevolent', because I'm really very nice, and 'Lord' because I killed a lot of people to get that title, and it would be disrespectful to all of them not to use it."

Was last seen falling into the labyrinth.

Misrule, The Benevolent Lord
The Mummer

Faction: Unknown 

A dark fae with unknown motivations.

The Mummer
Former Civil Minister
Nicholas De Monteau

Faction: Imperial Office of Civil Affairs, Empire of Berphaunt

Arrived by skien at the height of hostilities between Mournfall and Nightfrost Hold to announce the Empire of Berphaunt has secured a peaceful resolution and solution to needless conflict and loss of life. That the Oasis of Mournfall is now under the military protection of the City State of Nightfrost and to be governed in the best interests of Berphaunt under council administered by the Imperial Office of Civil Affairs.

Former Civil Minister Nicholas De Monteau
Obyryn Luris

Faction: Unknown

  • Unknown if this is his real name, but he signed one message with this surname

  • High elf, blond hair, skilled mage in battle magic and ritual magic. Has been seen casting Nature, Protections, and Enchantment

  • University educated, he is a reasonably well known researcher of powerful magic artifacts

  • When the orb of power Blut was found in 2261, he took it and disappeared for several years

  • He was found in 2263 inside the Labyrinth which he claimed had the power to destroy Mournfall and that he was the only one who could delay the inevitable. He revealed that his reason for coming to Mournfall was because he had lost all his family in a tragic event years ago. He wanted to resurrect his sister and believed that there was something powerful enough in the Labyrinth to do it

  • A year later, he appeared again. After speaking to the gathered adventurers who found him, he confirmed he had successfully resurrected his sister but she had left. He then disappeared in a lake of blood

  • Another year later, Obyryn, his sister Oriyah, and Captain Lysander were found in the Labyrinth inside a Circle of Protection Obyryn had cast. Together, they left the Labyrinth with the adventurers and returned to Mournfall

  • As of 2266, he has stayed in Mournfall with Oriyah


Faction: Unknown

​Seemingly resurrected by her brother Obyryn's actions in the labyrinth after her tragic death years before.

Underworld LARP Ottawa: Mournfall
Radclyf the Mad

Faction: Lightweaver of Sybil

Fallen Lightweaver of Sybil. Mournfall's Crescent Pack has helped him regain favour with the Goddess and he now acts as liaison to the local land.

Radclyf the Mad

Faction: The Snow Traders

Sage is a member of the Snow Traders and part of the upper echelon of their extensive network in the North. She has a talent for getting to know people on a personal level.


Helped the people of Mournfall on several occasions.

Captain Sawyer

Faction: Pride of Lions

Former second in command of the Pride of Lions mercenary group and lieutenant of the 1st platoon. Was promoted to Captain when Lysander stepped down.

Underworld LARP Ottawa: Mournfall
Leader of the Silver Sorrow

Faction: The Silver Sorrow

Leads a group commonly referred to as the Cult of the White.

Leader of the Silver Sorrow
Silas, The Impaler

Faction: Magistrate of Nightfrost

Silas, the Impaler
Stella the Huntress

Faction: Sisters of Suffering

Stella the Huntress

Faction: None

Mother of two Savar children: Daelia 6 years old and Deacon 8 years old. Their family live in the reclaimed apiary.

Talia and Deacon
Tavern Keepers

Faction: Guild of Keepers (Taverns & Inns)

“Thirst quenched. Hunger satiated. Either way, we will serve you.”


This lovely couple, Voska & Veska, can be found at the Tavern. They are usually chatting with their patrons, the townsfolk of Mournfall. Their devotion to the hospitality of all who enter their establishment is commendable to be sure. Making the most out of the regional ingredients available, the meals served are as nutritious as they are flavourful, making many of the citizens repeat customers. 

Voska enjoys cooking and brewing fabulous alcoholic concoctions beloved by all. Though being a Black Kilt, he revels in feasting and merrymaking as much as any of his estranged Einher kin.

Veska thrives on the gossip and chatter of the Tavern. Her bubbly personality and enthusiasm often obfuscate her chaotic nature. However, she is nothing if not devoted to her husband and duties as Tavernkeeper.

Voska and Veska

Faction: Unknown

A very skilled alchemist known to occasionally enlist the townsfolk's help to acquire alchemical components. 


Faction: Dragon Knight of Essylt

Helped the citizens of Mournfall seal away a demon. Has not been seen for some time.


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