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People of Interest

Commander Aayden Drach

Faction: The 7th Company Imperial Dragoons

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Aris, The Accountant

Faction: Magistrate of Nightfrost


Faction: Magistrate of Nightfrost

Ellowyn, The Crag Surgeon

Faction: Formerly a Magistrate of Nightfrost


Faction: None

Old man that lives in the old tower library. Recently discovered as a former fallen angel of Salam.

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King of Da Trollz

Faction: Da Bridge

Leader of all the greenskins from Da Bridge. Has helped town in the past during the war with the gnolls.

Captain-Regent Lysander

Faction: Pride of Lions

Captain of a mercenary group, The Pride of Lions, charged with relocating the citizens of Ashendael to a new settlement in the north. Later named Regent of Mournfall by Commander Drach.

Misrule, The Benevolent Lord

Faction: Magister of the City State of Nightfrost, Lord Protector of Mournfall

"Who am I? Well, right now I'm a Magister of the great City State of Nightfrost, and Lord Protector of the settlement of Mournfall. I'm the boss, your Lord, and hopefully your friend. Because I think we'd both much prefer if you and I are friends.


Please call me The Benevolent Lord Misrule. 'Benevolent', because I'm really very nice, and 'Lord' because I killed a lot of people to get that title, and it would be disrespectful to all of them not to use it."

Civil Minister Nicholas De Monteau

Faction: Imperial Office of Civil Affairs, Empire of Berphaunt

Arrived by skien at the height of hostilities between Mournfall and Nightfrost Hold to announce the Empire of Berphaunt has secured a peaceful resolution and solution to needless conflict and loss of life. That the Oasis of Mournfall is now under the military protection of the City State of Nightfrost and to be governed in the best interests of Berphaunt under council administered by the Imperial Office of Civil Affairs.


Faction: Unknown

Became an adventurer and journeyed to Mournfall to bring back his sister after losing his family.

Last seen disappearing into a lake of blood.

Radclyf the Mad

Faction: Lightweaver of Sybil

Fallen Lightweaver of Sybil. Mournfall's Crescent Pack has helped him regain favour with the Goddess and he now acts as liaison to the local land.


Faction: The Snow Traders

Sage is a member of the Snow Traders and part of the upper echelon of their extensive network in the North. She has a talent for getting to know people on a personal level.


Helped the people of Mournfall on several occasions.

Leader of the Silver Sorrow

Faction: The Silver Sorrow

Leads a group commonly referred to as the Cult of the White.

Silas, The Impaler

Faction: Magistrate of Nightfrost

Stella the Huntress

Faction: Sisters of Suffering


Faction: None

Mother of two Savar children: Daelia 6 years old and Deacon 8 years old. Their family live in the reclaimed apiary.

Tavern Keepers

Faction: Guild of Keepers (Taverns & Inns)

“Thirst quenched. Hunger satiated. Either way, we will serve you.”


This lovely couple, Voska & Veska, can be found at the Tavern. They are usually chatting with their patrons, the townsfolk of Mournfall. Their devotion to the hospitality of all who enter their establishment is commendable to be sure. Making the most out of the regional ingredients available, the meals served are as nutritious as they are flavourful, making many of the citizens repeat customers. 

Voska enjoys cooking and brewing fabulous alcoholic concoctions beloved by all. Though being a Black Kilt, he revels in feasting and merrymaking as much as any of his estranged Einher kin.

Veska thrives on the gossip and chatter of the Tavern. Her bubbly personality and enthusiasm often obfuscate her chaotic nature. However, she is nothing if not devoted to her husband and duties as Tavernkeeper.


Faction: Unknown


Faction: Dragon Knight of Essylt

Helped the citizens of Mournfall seal away a demon. Has not been seen for some time.


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