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The Pride of Lions

I fight with Lions! We serve with pride!

The Pride of Lions is a company of mercenaries. Having served across many battlefields fighting for renown and coin, the Company now finds itself with depleted numbers and, in 2261, is tasked by their current Captain with the establishment of a settlement in Eastern Jormunger.

After Commander Drach's arrival in the settlement of Mournfall the Company's contract with Berphaunt is extended and Captain Lysander is given the title of Regent.

The Company remained in the area overseeing development and defense of the Mournfall settlement until Nightfrost forces attacked and the Pride's encampment was destroyed. Members of the company are now either fleeing or resisting from the shadows.

A red lion on a blue background, the symbol of the Pride of Lions

Captain: Lysander 

Acting Captain: Sawyer

1st Platoon Lieutenant: Sawyer

Squad 1 Sergeant: Crusha

Squad 2 Sergeant: Shade

Squad 3 Sergeant: Sunshine


2nd Platoon Lieutenant: Sel (MIA) / White Wolf

Squad 1 Sergeant:

Squad 2 Sergeant: Crimson Stag (MIA)

Squad 3 Sergeant:


3rd Platoon Lieutenant: Sigmor

Squad 1 Sergeant: Flora

Squad 2 Sergeant: Glint

Squad 3 Sergeant:

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