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The Winter Queen, Mistress of Pain

Pandora is the Dark goddess of pain. She teaches her followers through its application as a means to enforce submission and control. Pandora followers believe that the experience of pain builds resistance and empowers self-control. Her followers are split between those who seek pain zealously and those who see it as a constant aspect of life to be explored.

Some employ pain as a means of enlightenment; they see pain and hardship as a blessing, as suffering forces them to become stronger. Others are merciless sadists who enjoy torture, blood and the power that comes from it. In either case, both forms of worship understand that pain is more than just a physical concept. True pain comes in all manner of forms, and to deny its guiding hand is to deny a fundamental fact of life.

The Mistress of Pain, Pandora.

Pandora is a cold and stern teacher, despising any form of comfort or complacency. She treats her followers like children who must be forced to see the truth. Her power is vast, and fuelled largely in part by her chosen race, the Ice Elves. These Ice Elven followers number in the tens of thousands and revere her throughout their culture. It is a common belief that if Malagant is the Lord of the Dark Pantheon, the Mistress of Pain is most certainly its Lady.

The Ice Queen’s enemies are few, given her reclusive habitat in the frozen north. She and her chosen often battle the Einher of Mjoll to their south, while east of her icy domain she wars with the Firstborn white dragon, Zsiera. The goddess of the elves, Ll’yandra, who claims that Pandora stole her children, declared war on the Winter Queen after Pandora released the Mortigest into Ll’yandra’s celestial heaven in the year 2258. So great was this crime that Ll’yandra withdrew her protection from all Ice Elves, declaring them enemies of of the elven nations. While this comes as no surprise to many of Pandora’s Ice Elven followers, there are rumours that some feel betrayed by their adopted mother and have fled her domain to seek Ll’yandra’s forgiveness.

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