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Mournfall and the Oasis


Located in the far northern reaches of Jormunger, Mournfall is a frontier settlement in a magical oasis on the edge of icy wilderness constantly trying to kill us. The bubble of land we live in is referred to as The Oasis because while everything outside the bubble is frozen tundra, the inside is warm and sometimes even sweltering hot! The weather inside the Oasis mirrors the real world weather and temperature.

Various races have lived here for hundreds, maybe thousands of years, but as they were unaffiliated with recorded civilization in the Empire, the land is unclaimed, of course.

A local map of Underworld LARP Ottawa: Mournfall.

That was, until the founding members of Mournfall, originally from a southern settlement, arrived with their Berphauntian customs and laid claim to the oasis.

As a novice adventurer, you might know a few things about Mournfall through rumours that have reached your home, wherever that may be. You can use this information to create your backstory. Chat with an NPL for more ideas!

  • Mournfall lacks natural resources, has a poor economy, and is a dangerous place to choose to live.

  • When the adventurers arrived, they found the magical oasis was occupied by many tribes of gnolls (hyena-like humanoids of low to medium intelligence). Thus began a season of land dispute skirmishes with these gnolls.

  • The settlement made an alliance with the local Coldspear tribe of ice elves, thus making enemies of the Einher, specifically clans Malar-skaw and Lofoten who had offered aid in the land dispute with the gnolls. It is important to note that Ice Elves and Einher have been at war with each other for many generations already, so this decision created a rift between Mournfall and various factions of Einher.

  • In an odd turn of events, the adventurers have created a tenuous alliance with the Deep Dwarves who live in tunnels beneath the mountains.

  • In 2263 the alliance with the Cold Spears was broken.

  • Mournfall is now under a ceasefire treaty that ceded its territory to Nightfrost.


As of June 2264 the new citizens of Mournfall successfully moved a Skein Gate to the crossroads just outside of the Town Center. The Skein Gate is our method of instant magical transportation in Arthos, allowing you, the player, to travel between locations far across the world. 


Mournfall is located near a harbor in the dwarven fortress city of Humblebrag, about one day's walk through the cold tundra, so you may have arrived by boat.

If you prefer to have arrived by land, you would have traveled through Mjoll and Jormunger, past Einish forts and strongholds, and Ice Elven tribal lands, or even through the mountains of Humblebrag where clans of mountain dwarves live in their underground kingdom. This is a long, arduous journey from civilization through harsh and unforgiving landscapes.

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