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Orbs of Power

Little is known about the origins of the mysterious Orbs of Power that exist throughout the Material Plane. Some say they fell from the sky during a rare alignment of the stars, while others say they have been in existence since time began, coming into being when the source of magic was formed. Of the Hundreds that once existed only a few dozen are known to be intact. The destruction of an Orb is said to be surprisingly easy and many have been destroyed throughout the ages.

Doing so usually brings great destruction and havoc to the Planes, often shifting the flow and waves of the Ley Lines in unpredictable ways. Entire civilizations have been annihilated by the shattering of what appears to be nothing more than a small crystal ball. They are jealously guarded by their owners, and though many have speculated as to who may be in possession of one, no one knows for sure.

An ornate orb of power.

The 25 which are rumored to exist are all different in temperament and magical mastery, and vary in intelligence from simple to genius. The following list of Orbs, their temperaments, magical specialization, and intelligence are all based on rumor, legend and speculation. Great care has been taken in ensuring that this information is as accurate as possible, according to legend.

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