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Underworld Larp Core Racial Characteristics

Updated: Mar 23

In order to play certain races it is necessary to wear the appropriate make-up. This includes prosthetic racial features such as Elf ears, or a Dwarf’s beard. The removal of racial features in game will not disguise your race. Your race is always recognizable. You may ask anyone “What race do I see?”, and they must answer truthfully.

Before you choose a race that requires makeup and/or prosthetics such as beards, ears, and horns, ensure that you are not allergic to makeup and are willing to wear it for a whole weekend at a time.

If you do not wear the appropriate racials for your race, you will be unable to use any of your racial advantages, but the disadvantage will still apply. If this becomes a habit, you may be race changed into a human at the Shaper team’s discretion or whatever consequence the Shaper team deems appropriate.

In this post we'll be taking a look at each of the established Core Rulebook races and what their racial characteristics include. Humans have no distinct characteristics and vary widely in appearance, culture and diversity.


Their distinguishing characteristics are make-up appropriate for the type of cat being played, and possibly the use of a prosthetic feline nose if make-up is sub-par or your subspecies is similar looking to another race. Completely black cats may not be played.


Grey skin with large horns protruding from the forehead. Note: wings are optional, but will not allow flight.

Mountain Dwarves

All Mountain Dwarves have a full beard at least 6 inches in length, adorned with gems and/or jewelry, regardless of whether they are male or female. If a Dwarf’s beard is ever cut, it will grow back within a few minutes.

Dark Elves

Short pointed ears with black tips. Grey makeup covering the eyes that extends to the temples. Black veins around the outer edges of the eyes and extending from around the mouth, outwards along the cheeks and downwards towards the neck. Optional: Veins down the neck, black lipstick.

High Elves

Short pointed ears.

Wild Elves

Short pointed ears. Tribal tattoos on the face.

Wood Fae

Long pointed ears, and small horns that grow out of their foreheads.


Green skin (varying tones).

Ajaunti (Aja)

As an Ajaunti, it is required for the player to speak with a thick middle European accent and dress with a flamboyant & extravagant fashion sense.


Einher must wear two or more of the following: furs, kilts, and braided hair.


Large fuzzy sideburns and eyebrows. Furry hands and feet are optional but encouraged.


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