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Underworld Larp Soul Frag Racial Characteristics

Updated: Mar 23

Soul Frag Book Races

The Book of Soul Fragments is a set of rules and policies that act as a supplement to the Core Rulebook for Underworld LARP. It contains special classes, races and abilities that can be purchased with soul "frags" – special reward points given for donations, volunteering and other ways of giving back to the game.

In order to play certain races it is necessary to wear the appropriate make-up. This includes prosthetic racial features such as Elf ears, or a Dwarf’s beard. The removal of racial features in game will not disguise your race. Your race is always recognizable. You may ask anyone “What race do I see?”, and they must answer truthfully.

Before you choose a race that requires makeup and/or prosthetics such as beards, ears, and horns, ensure that you are not allergic to makeup and are willing to wear it for a whole weekend at a time.

If you do not wear the appropriate racials for your race, you will be unable to use any of your racial advantages, but the disadvantage will still apply. If this becomes a habit, you may be race changed into a human at the Shaper team’s discretion or whatever consequence the Shaper team deems appropriate.

In this post we'll be taking a look at each of the established Soul Frag races and what their racial characteristics include.


Bone fetishes and/or beads worn throughout hair and facial hair, colourful tribal tattoos. Am’Raths tend to dye their hair and mark their bodies based on their individual tribe. Some tribes are also fond of war trophies and ritual scarification.


Black on the underside of the nose (around nostrils), philtrum and upper lip. Ram horns, antlers or wooden branches (must pass safety). White dots cheekbones. Faun ears (low hanging or “floppy” large ears).


Brown makeup and large bull horns. White or light tan makeup around the mouth and the bottom of the nose in a muzzle shape covering at least 25% of the face. Black line extending from the nose to the top of the lips, and black lips. Black contouring from the cheeks to the muzzle.


Kobolds are required to wear red makeup on exposed skin and speak in a high-pitched annoying voice. The underside of their nose, around the nostrils, must be black and they must have a few horizontal black lines across the bridge of their nose.


Yellow skin and prosthetic tusks, red or white war paint covering at least 25% of the face.


Greenish-grey skin, lighter colour (usually yellow or white) under the throat and neck. Gremmel and Shak’tar have scales, Boggrels have warts. Most Squamata prefer primitive and “shamanistic” clothing, with fetishes.


Feathered eyebrows and hair and yellow nails.


Minimum makeup requirements are at least two large horns protruding from the forehead and scales done in sequins, makeup or prosthetic which cover 40% of the face, and all other exposed skin. Their colour should match the Dragon they are linked to. For Dragons primarily of the colours black, yellow, red, and brown, the scales may only cover a maximum of 40% of the face. The remainder of the face should be natural skin colour, predominantly adorned with sequins, prosthetics, or scale pattern.

Fire Elves

Red eye shadow and eye sockets with optional orange and yellow highlights, elf ears (with red tips), loose-fitting and light-weight desert clothing such as robes, veils, headscarves, etc. Some fire elves tattoo black designs around their eyes and on their hands.


Green skin, long pointed green ears, and thin black veins on the neck and around the mouth.


While in living form a Risen is a sad reflection of their original race. Their makeup and prosthetics are only necessary to give indication of what they most likely were i.e. a bloody pointy ear, faded Savar’Aving stripes or a worn down Fae horn. If possible, skin should be pale and eyes darkened. In Undead form a Risen is recognized as a fast moving rotting corpse. It is suggested that Risen obtain a mask for their Undead form so it may be removed quickly during race changes into their living form. Undead makeup resembling a zombie or rotted corpse is also acceptable if no Race Change is expected to occur.


Their distinguishing characteristics are appropriate make-up for the type of canine being played, large, pointed ears and a tail. A prosthetic nose may be required should your breed be too similar in appearance to another race.


White makeup base on face with red and black around eyes and red lips. White with red or white with black canine ears. Red lines on face that start at the edge of the face and ending approximately underneath the eyes to represent whiskers. Nose black at the bottom with a thin black line on the philtrum. At least one burned demonic symbol on face, ending in slashes or barbed points. A tail is optional.

Carnal Fae

Carnal Fae have long pointed ears, grey skin and yellow veins which spider web over their body.


Faceless have human bodies but wear Venetian (carnival) style masks at all times. These masks are considered spirit-linked to the faceless and may be removed but with penalty. The face under the mask is either featureless and pure white (represented by a plain white mask that is worn when the Venetian mask is removed) or a gruesome mess of scars. The mask must cover at least the top 3/4ths of the face, with the mouth area open if desired. Some Faceless have scars on their bodies, but this is optional.


Freckles and colourful hair, plus a squeaky voice and gnomish style clothing (tinker/mechanic).

Ice Elves

Short pointed ears with blue tips. All Ice Elves have pale, blue-tinged skin with dark blue markings and designs around the eyes and upper face. Those markings form ice-like designs, cracked ice and sometimes appear like snow.


Long pointed ears and large horns. Contour the hairline and cheekbones in white, gold, orange or yellow for Day Sidhe and black, blue, grey or purple for night Sidhe, with small, accenting patterns of another colour within, for a combination of two colours only. The colours may be used to accent lips, horns, ears and nails, optionally.

Vulcan Dwarf

Red beards shorter than 6 inches in length, black eye sockets with black veins that spiral out from their sockets.


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