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Underworld LARP's rulebook cover.

This is the core rulebook for Underworld LARP. It contains an introduction to LARP and the Underworld LARP experience. It will help you learn everything you need to know about getting involve in Underworld LARP, including technical information such as the skills, classes and races available to play.

The Book of Soul Fragments acts as a supplement to the Core Rulebook. It contains special classes, races and abilities that can be purchased with soul “frags” – special reward points given for donations, volunteering and other ways of giving back to the game.

This guide is the one-stop resource for the construction of Underworld LARP weapons, armour and shields.

The synergy rulebook covers all 3 synergy types - ritual magic, chemistry and artifice. These are the advanced forms of spellcasting, alchemy and smithing. This rulebook goes into detail about how to use them.

These rituals, blueprints and formula are commonly known in-game. Additional synergies exist but you must discover them in game!

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