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Logistics 101

On this page we'll be going over everything you need to know about the Underworld Larp logistics website.


The logistics website is crucial to reviewing and updating characters and registering for game events. Being able to properly use the site is essential for playing at any Underworld Larp guild.

The logistics website login screen.

Account Creation

The very first step is to create an account. Various guilds use various methods of signing up to play but we at Mournfall have the registration form on the Join page or you can send an email to with the required information (player name, email address, name of the player who referred you and your character name, true name, race and class).


You can then use the username and password provided in the confirmation email to log in to the logistics website.

Overview Page

Once you log in you'll be greeted by your Overview page. Here you'll be able to see how many blankets are available to you and review all your current and past characters, no matter which guild they're active in.

Every time your character comes to an event, they gain a Blanket of Character Points at the end of said event. Blankets of experience that you earn can be applied to any character you own, even if you earn the points with another character. They are banked on your account and can be spent in the future. You are allowed to spend a maximum limit of two Blankets per month, per character, no matter how many Blankets you have banked.

Clicking on a character's name will bring you to a Character Summary page. Only active characters that are not Retired or Deceased can be edited and played at events.

The overview page with character and blanket statuses.

Updating Your Character

The Character Summary page is where you get to make any updates to your character. As a new player, your character may look a bit like this.


To apply blankets you will first need to unlock your character. All new characters are free to create but require a $15 fee to unlock and be able to apply the blankets you've earned. You are not required to unlock a character to play it at an event though or to add skills without adding new blankets.


Once your character has been unlocked you can use the Blanket Management menu to apply up to 2 blankets to your character. The Blankets will then translate into Character Points (CP), based on your character's level (higher level = lower CP per Blanket), that you can use to purchase skills. To

do this, use the Purchase Skills dropdown menu to select the skills you want to purchase. These skills will appear with a * in your character's Skills section and can be reset until you save them.

The blanket application and skill upgrade processes on the Character Summary page.

Character skill updates can only be saved once per month, per character though and any skill purchases are final. Updates cannot be made during an event. Be sure to review any changes before saving!

Spells On Spirit

In addition to skill updates, the Character Summary page allows you to select your Spells On Spirit. This menu is used by characters who can cast magic.


As you learn higher levels of magic, some spells may become available that you can cast on yourself as a form of protection. Many of these spells can be considered to have been cast on yourself before the event takes place and do not use up precious spell slots. These will show up automatically in your character summary and can be updated any time and as much as you want.


To see what spells can be used this way, refer to the Magic Spheres section in the rulebooks and look for any spells with an *.

The Spells on Spirit section of the Character Summary page.


The next available section is the Preregistration page. This is where you can register to attend game events which often includes a discounted event cost for registering before the pre-registration period ends. Preregistering also leads to less delays while checking in at the start of the event, is the only way to receive a printed character sheet and is highly encouraged.


Events from every guild across Underworld are available here and your characters can travel to any of them seamlessly! Some guilds may not appear if they have not posted their events yet.

The Guild Selection menu on the Preregistration page.

After selecting your guild select the event you'd like to attend. Details about the event will be listed here. Some guilds, including Mournfall, can also link prepay options, often with further event discounts.

Diagram of how to preregister for an event.

In the Prelog section, you can register as your role of choice. New players cannot register as NPCs (non-player characters) before they've attended at least 3 events.


The production tab allows your character to create items in the game called tags. "Tags" are small pieces of paper which represent items. Some tags will be attached to real physical items, or "phys-reps", such as weapons, while some are used in the creation of said tags.


This is where production comes in. Certain skills allow for characters to craft or create items. All crafting must be submitted before preregistration is closed (typically the Tuesday before the event). Once preregistration is closed for an event, the production tab for that event will no longer be accessible.


To submit a character's production you must first preregister your crafting character for the event at which you would like to produce tags. Then, go to the Production tab, select the guild of the event you'll be attending, then select the event.

The Production page.

Tradesman Requests

When choosing skills you may decide to purchase the Tradesman skill (for information on how the Tradesman skill functions refer to the Core Rulebook). To submit a request simply type the description of the item or raw material you'd like to receive. The description you use here will be used on the tag itself so be creative.

How to fill in the Tradesman Requests form.

Then add the value, type and submit. This can be split or combined however you like. For example, if you have purchased 3 levels of the Tradesman skill, you have a total of 15 Raw Material value or 9 silver worth of mundane items. Which means you can make a single tag worth 15 Raw Material, 15 individual tags each worth 1 Raw Material, use 2 of your levels to create an RM tag worth 10 and your remaining level to create a 3 silver value item, or anything in between.

Production Requests

Any character that purchased production skills such as Blacksmithing, Alchemy, Scroll Crafting or Trapper will have the Production tab available to them. Only items your character can craft based on their skill level will show up in the drop down menu. To make a request, simply select the item you'd like to create, type in the amount and hit submit.

How to fill in the Production Requests form.

Be aware that there is no limit on how many requests you can submit but you will be expected to trade in the Raw Materials required to craft these items at the start of the event that you're submitting requests for.

Experience Record

The Experience Record tab records many changes made to your account and relevant events such as Blanket purchases, awarded Frags, attended game events, character unlocks, character retirements and more.

My Profile

Finally, the Profile tab allows you to view your player name, username, email address and to change your account password.


You can also view your waiver and red armband status as well as how many Frags you've earned for each of Underworld's guilds.

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