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Warcry 2023 Preparation

Updated: Mar 23

The Basics

Date: August 4 - 7 2023

Location: 36 Walkers Road, Fenelon Falls, ON K0M 1N0

Just like a regular game at Mournfall, the site will open in the afternoon to allow people to arrive and set up. Logistics and marshaling will open in the evening, and game announcements will commence just after dark. Keep an eye on the official Global Discord and Facebook group for the official event post with these details, as well as up to the minute updates from Dave or Ted regarding site conditions and schedule.

Before and after the event, you can drive down a rough dirt and gravel road to the main play area. During the event, you must leave your car parked in the parking lot next to Logistics.

Map of the Warcry 2023 game area as well as the parking lot and paths between areas.
Map of the Warcry 2023 game area as well as the parking lot and paths between areas.


From Ottawa by Car

Approximately 5 hours drive.

From Toronto (Pearson Airport or Billy Bishop Airport) by Car

Approximately 2 hours drive.

From Ottawa or Toronto by VIA Rail Train

Via Rail has better fares the farther in advance you book. Book on Tuesdays for further discounts. You will need to find a ride to the game site. The Via Rail route from Ottawa to Toronto stops in Oshawa, Port Hope, or Cobourg, which are better than going all the way to Union Station sometimes, and cheaper. Check with local players who can offer you a ride before buying your ticket!

From Toronto by GO Train

The GO transit system can take you from Union Station to some convenient pickup locations along Hwy 401 such as Ajax, Whitby, or Oshawa. You don't need to pre-purchase tickets for GO, it's always the same price based on km traveled. You will need to purchase a Presto fare card and use the machines on the platform to "tap on" and "tap off" your ride. There are also bus routes from Union to Uxbridge or Peterborough which can be on the way to the Warcry site for some drivers. Make sure to check the schedule, as these buses are not available all day and may have restricted schedules.

Union Station GO > Ajax GO = $8.58 adult fare

Union Station GO > Whitby GO = $9.59 adult fare

Union Station GO > Oshawa Centre Terminal = $12.25 adult fare

By Plane

Look for flights that land at Billy Bishop Airport instead of Pearson. Pearson is very far west from the city center and will cost you extra fares to get to and from the airport to the city for a pickup. The UP Express train/bus will take you directly from Pearson to Union Station for $12 (one way). Billy Bishop Airport is located on the Toronto Islands downtown, and has a free ferry or walkway direct to the city core. You will likely still need to take the TTC public transit, Uber, or a GO bus or train to get to a final pickup destination coordinated with your ride. TTC adult fares are $3.35 cash one way, and GO is a regional transit system that charges fares based on distance. Some great TTC pickup locations along Hwy 401 are Yorkdale, Bayview, Don Mills, or Scarborough Town Centre. Each of these stations are located in a shopping mall, making it easy for you and your ride to find a place to safely park or stand and wait. Other stations may not have space for a driver to wait in a Kiss and Ride zone, or charge them a fee to park and wait for you. Ask your ride which station they prefer!

If you choose to fly, make sure you check the airline's rules for baggage check and what is allowed to be brought on the plane.

If you are taking an extra mode of transportation like a plane or train, make sure to leave time for your departure. The drive from downtown Toronto is roughly 2 hours, or 1.5 hours from Port Hope or Cobourg to the Warcry site.

On Site

Once you arrive, you can drive down to the main game area to set up. If you don't know where to set up, ask someone! Beware the road from parking to the game area is unpaved and narrow so go at your own risk. NPL Sarah has a small, low hatchback and hasn't had any problems though. Go slow and careful, there are a couple of spots to pull over to the side if someone is coming in the opposite direction.

Once your camp is ready and setup, get into your gear and garb, and load all your weapons and things that need to be marshaled into your car. The easiest way to get to Logistics is to drive back up to the parking lot where you have to park your car anyway. Try not to forget anything that needs to be marshaled because it's a long walk without any shade, and uphill from the main area. It doesn't matter if your weapons and armor have been marshaled at Mournfall, you must get checked again by the global marshals.

Stick to the paths to start with if you're unfamiliar with the site. There are a lot of rocks and gopher holes in the fields that can surprise you.

Some camping areas are difficult to get to by car. Pack your wagon if you have one. There are some beautiful camping spots in the woods that will require a short hike.

There are no cabins for rent. While there are structures on the property, these belong to private owners. You can contact the Global comments email or use the Discord and Facebook group to inquire if there's an extra bed to rent. It is entirely up to the cabin owners' discretion if they want to rent to you.

There are some motels nearby if you need them. The Fenelon Inn (Fenelon Falls) is about 10 minutes away from the site, and the Princess Motel (Bobcaygeon) is about 15 minutes away from the site. There are also some other motels and hotels in the area, including the town of Lindsay which is about 30 minutes from the site. Warcry happens to be on a long weekend, and these accommodations fill up fast so book as soon as possible. The region of Kawartha Lakes is a cottage hotspot in the summer and can get very busy.

Just like Mournfall, there is no drinkable water on site. You must bring your own. It's going to be hot, so make sure to bring enough! If you run out, there are grocery stores about 15-20 mins drive away in either Fenelon Falls or Bobcaygeon to restock.

Unlike Mournfall, there's currently no plan for a tavern. Global may come up with something, but for now plan to fend for yourself and make sure to eat properly. Bring lots of snacks! There's some Tim Hortons and restaurants nearby but lineups can get very long.

If you have a trailer, email to inquire about parking policies. The Mournfall NPL team does not have this info.

There's no river or places on site for primitive baths. Dave is trying to get rented showers, but at this time we have no promises. If you really need a rinse, there is a lake beach in Fenelon where you can drive out and go for a dip! Garnet Graham Beach Park has a splash pad and swimmable lake that's perfect for a short break, so don't forget to pack a swimsuit and towel.


Pack all your usual gear, and prepare for seasonal temperature dips. Ontario summers are hot and humid in the day, but the temperature can drop quickly at night. The dampness from the daytime humidity causes the night to feel cooler to our bodies. Pack a warm sleeping bag, and comfy socks to sleep in.

Make sure to bring a lot of water, or stop on the way to get water. A cooler with ice and frozen water bottles is a good idea if you can.


Warcry is a 2 blanket event. Tickets are $150. But if you prelog and prepay, there is a $15 discount, and taking an NPC shift gives you an additional $15 discount for a final total of $120.

Just like a normal game, you sign up for a shift when you enter your pre-log on the database.

Event prelog is now open.

You will receive frags for your NPC shift, which will be applied to the guild of your choice. You must remember to sign in and sign out of your NPC shift. You will not receive frags if you fail to sign out of your shift. Yes, this means walking back up to NPC camp to sign out, and then trekking back down to camp. You must sign yourself out, do not ask someone else to do it for you.

In Game

Warcry is in a new chapter this year. After five years of the story about Ga'more/Tabaret and the mind controlled Brood, and the friction between Berphaunt and Tiefanue, a lot of threads were wrapped up in 2019. The heroic adventurers slew a rogue dragon with the help of the Divine and Draconic, bringing balance back to the natural world in a sense. However, political machinations never stop, and it was revealed that the dragon Shiloth has been playing games with the mortal nobility of Berphaunt for generations. At the same time, the Church of Light used the incident to stage a coup of Tiefanue and the Whiteraven Alliance, causing the exiled Prince Leopold and Emperor Louis Berphaunt to finally make amends in order to take on the Church together. The new war with Archbishop Roderick Hale will be the main focus of the story this year.

Meanwhile, in the past year, there has been participation from each guild in turning the wheels of the Einish civil war. It's been years since this plot has progressed, and many Einher may have even forgotten why they were fighting each other and not the Ice Elves. This year's plot promises to give us a crumb of what's coming for the Einish clans, which has huge implications for Mournfall due to our geographic location in Jormunger and close ties with both Ice Elves and Einher. Even if you don't wear a kilt, you have a lot of reasons to join in this plot with the Einher, so don't be afraid to seek it out. You can brush up on your Einish civil war lore by reading the Wiki article.


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