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Welcome to Mournfall!

The Mournfall guild is part of the expansive world of Underworld Larp, with guilds across Canada, the United States and Japan.


Underword Larp is an 18+ game set in a dark fantasy world inspired by the works of authors such as J.R.R. Tolkien and George R.R. Martin. The game's lore and setting has been developed by an expansive team of storytellers over the span of more than 20 years and continues to grow to this day. You, our players, help to write our story as well. Every interaction with the world around you matters and can affect players in guilds across the map, or the world itself.

A group of characters meeting at a table at Underworld LARP: Mournfall.
Two characters engaged in a battle cloaked in smoke.

What is Larp?

Larp (Live Action Role-Playing) is a game where players assume the roles of characters in a fictional world and engage in a variety of activities such as combat, puzzle-solving, roleplaying, and interacting with other characters.


Underworld Larp specifically focuses on a fantasy setting where players play as various races, including humans, elves, dwarves, orcs, and more.

The game is designed to be a fun and immersive experience for players, encouraging them to explore their creativity and imagination while having fun with others who share their interests.

About Our Events

Our events typically take place over multiple days and involve camping in tents, with the exception of occasional indoor winter events, completely immersing players in the game world as much as possible for the entirety of the event. Games are held on private land near the small village of Brennan's Hill, QC. And if our game isn't in your area, check out this post to see if there's another Underworld guild near you!

Underworld LARP is a high fantasy medieval campaign based game and follows a continuous story that spans across all our guilds.

We use a point based armor and health system, with light-medium touch combat, as well as experience point based character leveling and skill purchases. We are PvP friendly (but not without in-game consequences).

For tips on how to get started click here.

A group of characters on the front-line, awaiting battle.
Refer a friend and enjoy a set of in-game bonus defenses on both your characters on their first event
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Two bridges in a forest.
An armored Einher bathed in red light yells in the night.
A wood fae holding flowers.

Feel free to Contact Us if you have more questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does _________ mean?

A: Check out our handy Glossary for many useful definitions.

Q: What's the event cost?

A: Your first event at Underworld is free! Afterwards, weekend events tend to be $80 as long as you've pre-registered and pre-paid.

Q: What kind of lodging does the site have?

A: The site we play on does not include any lodging. Players are expected to bring their own camping equipment (there are no restrictions when it comes to using modern camping equipment) and will be camping all weekend. Check out the Getting Started page for more information about what to bring!

Q: How immersive are players expected to be?

A: Players are expected to be in character from game start until game end (roughly Friday 10pm to Sunday 2pm) with the exception of some circumstances such as emergencies and medical holds.

During this in-character time we highly discourage any modern or real world references. Underworld is a very story-driven larp and immersion is crucial to maintaining the game's tone and energy.

While the stereotypical old english, shakespearean speech, and accents are welcome, they are not required. In fact, most players don't use them.

Q: How are substances such as alcohol or drugs handled?

A: All alcohol and recreational drugs are prohibited during Mournfall events.

Some events may be listed as "Wet" events where alcoholic beverages can be purchased from the event venue. These are typically held indoors during the winter. Players who partake will not be allowed to engage in any combat activity for the remainder of the event.

Q: What kind of weapons or armour can I use?

A: Our LARP allows players to use foam, latex and boffer weapons. To ensure player safety, Underworld has a fairly strict set of rules concerning weapons and armour. You can read about them in the Weapons and Armour Guide.

All weapons and armour should be inspected by an Armour Marshall at logistics every 3 months. Bows, crossbows, arrows and bolts must be inspected every month.

Q: Do I have to do combat if I don't want to?

A: Not at all. While events tend to include a lot of combat, no one is forced to participate. There is plenty of opportunity for players who prefer not to fight, including opportunities to prevent a violent confrontation altogether. Of course, you're also not exempt from having monsters chase you.

Combat at Underworld is "medium touch". This means weapon swings should be hard enough to be felt but not hard enough to hurt or bruise. If you feel a player is swinging too hard feel free to let them or a Shaper know.

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