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The War of Nyth

By Vrog

It is not known when the war of Nyth started, but it is noted to have happened before the Betrayer's war began.

During this war, an Einher now known as Earagh The Betrayer, Jarl of Tormageddon, used a dagger that could cut the fabric of reality to summon a war party of Ice elves to aid him in his fight. These ice elves betrayed Earagh and used the very same dagger to cut off his head. 

That night, they went around Tormageddon slicing the throats of every man, woman and child, damning them to Niefelheim. It is there that Haldora sealed Earagh's soul so that he might never escape. Tormageddon's fall marked the beginning of the ice elven incursion into Mjoll.

Following Earagh's death, his brother Alesing took up the mantle of Jarl. But his reign was short lived. One night, while drunk, an assassin slit Alesing's throat. The remaining members of clan Conlan scattered, leaving very few with their history.

There are rumours clan Conlan were given forbidden knowledge from a race of dwarves long forgotten to this world. With this knowledge, clan Conlan was said to have been some of the world's best smiths.

In the year 2263, adventurers from a small settlement in the North entered Niefelheim to retrieve information on where to find the fabled dagger. They wished to construct a device that could travel through the astral plane and enter the labyrinth beneath Mournfall.

While the people of Mournfall were in Niefelheim, they fought an amalgamation of damned warrior souls. Upon slaying it and opening large sealed doors, Earagh appeared once again. This time to thank the adventurers for freeing him from his prison. As a token of his thanks, he gave the people of Mournfall a book that would lead them to the dagger they sought.

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