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The Castle of Swords

By Vrog

A goblin walked into town one day seeking repayment for an old debt thought paid. The troll king's deal with the village of Mournfall would close that day at dusk. The goblin spoke with conviction and pride, seeking aid to clear a barracks for their new home, the town obliged, and off they went to clear it out.


They walked for a while until they reached a door more monumental than any they had seen before. A crown with eleven swords carved into its face. Unfazed by this door's imposing stature, the adventurers opened its doors and faced a grand surprise.

A Large bolder came rolling down and through the crowd. The town's folk hesitated, for they knew now they would face plenty of traps. They walked through the hallways ambushed by living statues, then through small corridors filled with ghosts, and finally, to a small stone room with a lever.

They all piled in and pulled, and to their shock, the room began to sink. They slowly descended deep into the earth for what felt like an eternity.


Eventually, the movement stopped and the back wall fell away to reveal a hidden chamber. In it, a ghoul seated in a throne, swords adorning his every side and to the back, a sarcophagus covered in dust.

When they entered the room, the ghoul began his assault, dancing around the room with ease. The town's folk attacked the ghoul, dodging and weaving through flying swords.

A mystic from among the crowd shouted that the king of this land still sits upon that throne. The battle continued for ages until the ghoul was slew and the town victorious.

They sought their treasure with fragments of blade and bone, but for some, their eyes laid upon that throne. The goblins who needed their aid sat and cheered well.


Some of the people looked to something else. They looked to the sarcophagus and were quite perplexed, for the box was locked and bore no crest.

After a long time, they solved the puzzle, and the lid opened, but to their dismay, they found only a few bones and a card.

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