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“Before the fruits of prosperity can come, the storms of life need to first bring the required rains of testing, which mixes with the seeds of wisdom to produce a mature harvest.”
~ Lincoln Patz

In Game Description

With an appointed Lord and official recognition as a Berphauntian settlement there is much work ahead for Mournfall. The shifting of the strange Labyrinthine structure below has changed the topography of the region, however some things will always remain the same. This change has done nothing to lessen the dangers of the north.


During the winter seasons Lord Drach has been working diligently on managing the settlement, with his efforts focused on settling the various guilds, workers and settlers from the capital. Two familiar faces and once enemies of his have been appointed as his aides, Nicoli and Aris. However, it is time to shift focus. The adventurers who have bled, killed, struggled and survived for this settlement need a place to lay their heads at night as well. An area has been scouted and deemed to be the ‘town center’. There is one little problem however, with the shifting of the lands the various monsters, creatures and other problems have found themselves displaced and wandering the wilds.


Aris has been sent out to manage an expeditionary force to retake the town, have the creatures removed and give the adventuring population a place to live. In collaboration with a budding new camp calling itself ‘North Guard’ who will be holding down the base camp and keeping the adventurers entertained with games and good times. Meanwhile small strike teams who will generally be divided by camps will be sent out to serve eviction notices to the creatures within the wilderness and to stake their claims on the lands they will call their camps. Their homes…

Out of Game Information

Welcome all to our first event of the 2024 season!


This is a bit of a wild one as this day mod will be happening on the back of a build day. On Saturday May 11th there is going to be a big and very important build day as we move NPC camp and all of Mournfalls stuff to the new site (a separate event will be made for this). We will then be staying overnight on Saturday and carrying into this day mod on Sunday.


This will be a great opportunity to take a look at the land and work on your camps!

Rulebook Updates

Tags will be rewritten, please email logistics with photos of your tags to be replaced.

Locks will state external or internal on the tag.

Legendary items will be written with a due date. Effect creation date will be set as the rule change. Expiry will be based off this date.


If you have not already, read and sign our waiver before attending a Mournfall Game. If you have already filled one out, please do not resubmit a waiver unless your medical information has changed.

Prelog Information

Head to to register for the event!
Prelog will remain open till Thursday May 9th 2024 at 11:59pm.

Problems with your character data or technical problems with the database?

New Players

New to Underworld or the online database? Check out our Discord! We have many helpful players including our New Player Liaison team who are more than happy to assist you!

This event does have a fee of 45$, which normally would be free for your first event HOWEVER new players can opt to pay for this one and keep their next event free instead. This option is only available for this event.

New Player Referral Bonus: (New Players 1st game)

  • The New player who was referred will get the Frag Skill ‘A Friend In Need’. (Shield Magic, Magic Armour and Simple Resist Toxin)

  • The established player who referred the new player will get the Frag Skill ‘A Friend Indeed’. (Advanced Shield Magic, Advanced Magic Armour and Complex Resist Toxin)

Both can be found in the Soul Frag Book: Page 79.

Players must attend the same game together to collect this benefit.

Visiting Players

If you are a visiting player please register for the event on the database as normal and complete this form.

Event Location

132 Chemin Jean-Legault in Low, Québec

IMPORTANT: the address provided will not appear on a map, please use this pin


Check out this page for directions with photos that you can save!

Event Schedule

Log opens: Sunday May 12th 10am
Game starts: Sunday May 12th 11am
Game called: Sunday May 12th 6pm
Space Cleared: Sunday May 12th 8pm

Event Cost

$45 with prelog AND prepay
$50 with prelog and pay at event
$55 without prelog and pay at event

Event payments can be sent to or can be made via our paypal button on the Logistics page while prelog is open.

Prepay payments will be accepted up until Friday May 10th 2024 at 11:59pm at the $45 value.

Payments received after this time will be under the $ fee but will still be accepted.


Blankets Offered: 1 Blankets of CP


For more information on Underworld LARP, please check out


Logistics Email:
Plot Email:
General Inquiries or Concerns:

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