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Packet Tutorial

Updated: Mar 23

A square of white cloth, a cup of bird seed, a spoon, and an elastic band.
A square of white cloth, a cup of bird seed, a spoon, and an elastic band.

Packets are the physical representations of channeled energy or alchemical gas globes. They must be made by tying a small piece of material around a relatively small amount of bird seed using an elastic or string. The amount of bird seed used should be no more than 2 table spoons.

No other materials should be added or substituted for bird seed, cloth, and string/elastic. Please avoid using bird seed containing peanuts (due to allergies) or sunflower seeds (can cause sharp edges). There is a very high chance some of your packets may be lost in the woods after a weekend of tossing them around. This is the reason we use bird seed in our packets rather than any other options. As for fabric, try to use cloth made of natural fibers like cotton.

Your fabric can be any colour you choose with a single exception; spell packets cannot be orange and gas globe packets must be orange. Keep in mind that you will most likely be using your packets in the dark and that lighter colours are easier to spot when retrieving them.

Start by cutting your cloth into squares roughly 8" to 10" wide. Longer lengths will cause your packets to have a longer tail so this exact measurement will come down to personal preference. The ones we cut here are roughly 10".

Try to avoid leaving in the seam like the one in the second photo if you use cloth from sheets or curtains.

Next, cup the cloth in your hand, creating a small pocket and fill it with bird seed.

Then, hold the excess cloth closed while you wrap your elastic or string around the base of the tail. Make sure to attach it tight enough that the bird seed won't fall out before you even get to throw your packets. If the seed pouch portion of your packet feels a bit loose you can lightly tug the tail outwards just above where you tied it off.

And there you go, a perfect packet! Our 10" cloth with 2 tbsp of birdseed yielded a packet with a 1 1/2" bulb and 5" tail.

A finished white packet!
A finished white packet!


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