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“My father once told me that it’s not enough for a man to be lucky; that a guy has to know when that streak is on for him.”
― Henry Mosquera, Sleeper's Run

In Game Description

It feels like we’ve been fighting for so very, very long; Months; Years.

The earth beneath our feet sits stained with our pride, our kin and our loved ones. So still is the night now, you can cut it open with just a whisper. With just one word.


Your oppressors would subject you to mistruths and obfuscated lies in the name of loyalty to coral you into docility.



Your enemies curb you through mania and absurdity to suppress your freedom and deny you hope.



While they feast in your homes, there are packs of lions prowling their lines. Marking their prey.



While they make mockery of your values and your right to life and liberty, loyal men and women of Berphaunt close the coming noose around them.



Whether unlikely allies or uncommon bedfellows, you have friends among you. Seek them out.



Our enemies have the numbers and the equipment; But most of all they have the perception of our Empire’s support propping up their crooked house of cards. They are strongest when faced head on, but we will fight them at their backs. We will blow them apart from beneath. The moment draws close.

Remember, you are not alone, and you are so very, very important for what is to come. When it happens, be ready – do not waste this moment with rashness or impatience.

We sit at a table, you and I, playing a game of chance against an opportunist and a lunatic with a river of blood and the highest of stakes between us.

Who dares enter first for this one, last, Deadman’s hand?

My name is Aayden Drach. If you are reading this, let these words be your whispers.

If you are reading this, you are the resistance.

Mercy to Nightfrost.
We’ll offer none.


Out of Game Information

Weather: High 20’s low 30’s with a chance of rain. Please pack accordingly.


Fire Ban in the Plantagenet Area
The fire ban is still in place, but only applies to fires that require a permit (i.e. fires equal to or larger than 3 feet by 3 feet by 3 feet). All burn permits are temporarily suspended for the duration of the ban.
The ban will remain in effect until further notice.

Criteria for an open fire less than one cubic metre
An open-air fire shall be used to burn only dry firewood.
An open-air fire shall be located at a minimum distance of 5 metres (16 feet) from any part of a main building, any rear or side lot line or property limit, any tree, hedge, fence, overhead wiring and any combustible material.


No vehicles will be allowed past the regular parking area due to difficulty in the soft terrain (No driving in the field). All cars must be returned to the main parking area by 9pm Friday night.

Washrooms: Please treat our units with respect and not leave them a mess.


If your tags have expired after March 2020:

~Weapons: Some of these do not have an expiry date written on the tag, they have the date of creation listed, then you add 2-5 years based on the type of weapon. Normal weapons expire 2 years after creation for example.

Our desire for simplicity is to your benefit here. All Mournfall weapon tags created before March 2020 will have 2 years added to their standard expiry date. We will not be rewriting weapon tags.

~Magic Items, Artifice, Any other special item tag with an expiry: These not-so-mundane items WILL require a tag rewrite. Their expiration dates will be extended by 1 year and 6 months to represent the time lost.

PLEASE email logistics ahead of time with the details of your tag, or better yet, snap a picture and send that in. This will allow us to prepare the new tag ahead of time so it's ready for the first event you attend. If you fail to do so, you will have to come see us in NPC camp to get the tag rewritten and be at the mercy of how busy Chris is at the time.


~Effects on Spirit: If you have a ritual effect or other effect on your spirit this should be listed on your character sheet. Because of this, you MUST email logistics to get the expiration date adjusted. We will not be doing this at game because it needs to be reflected on the database.


~Other: Did we miss something? Have some weird RP thing that you are unsure about? Email logistics and let us know and we'll figure it out!

We should be coming to an end of this extension. We'll be retracting this section after this year's season.

Rulebook Updates

Tags will be rewritten, please email logistics with photo's of your tags to be replaced.

Locks will state external or internal on the tag.

Legendary items will be written with a due date. Effect creation date will be set as the rule change: May 2023. Expiry will be based off this date.


If you have not already, read and sign our waiver before attending a Mournfall Game. If you have already filled one out, please do not resubmit a waiver unless your medical information has changed.

Covid Policy

Please read our Covid Policy. If you are feeling under the weather, please stay home and take care of yourself.

Prelog Information

Head to to register for the event!

Prelog will remain open till 11:59pm the Tuesday before the event. (June 27th 2023)

New to Underworld or the online database? Check out our Discord! We have many helpful players including our New Player Liaison team who are more than happy to assist you!

Problems with your character data or technical problems with the database? Email

Visiting Players

If you are a visiting player please register for the event on the database as normal and complete this form.


Breakfast : 9 am -11 am
Lunch : 12 pm - 2 pm
Dinner : 4 pm - 7 pm

- A la Carte menu till 9pm
Breakfast : 8 am - 10 am

~~ Breaksfast ~~

Scrambled Eggs (2 eggs) $2.00
Bacon (2 pieces) $2.00
Toast (1 slice) $1.00
Hashbrowns (1/2 cup worth) $2.00
*Breakfast Plate (all of the above) $6

Coffee $2.00
Orange Juice $2.00
Water Bottle $1.00

~~ Lunch and Dinner ~~

Grilled Cheese $3
Veggie Burger $8.00
Hamburger $7.00
Cheeseburger $8.00
Hotdog $3.00
Bacon Add-On $2.00
Mini-Bag of Chips (Variety) $1.00

Water Bottle $1.00
Monster Energy Drink (reg. & sugar-free) $3.00
Can of Brisk Ice Tea $2.00
Can of Coke $2.00

Freezies $1

Event Schedule

Space Open: Friday July 21st 5 pm
Log opens: Friday July 21st 8 pm
Game starts: Friday July 21st 10 pm
Game called: Sunday July 23rd 2 pm
Space Cleared: Sunday July 23rd 5 pm

Event Cost

Your first game at Underworld Larp is FREE

$80 with prelog AND prepay
$90 with prelog and pay at event
$100 without prelog and pay at event


Event payments can be sent to or can be made via our paypal button on the Logistics page while prelog is open. 

Prepay payments will be accepted up until Thursday July 20th at 11:59pm at the $80 value.

Payments received after this time will be under the $90 fee but will still be accepted.


Blankets Offered: 1 Blankets of CP


For more information on Underworld LARP, please check out


Logistics Email:
Plot Email:
General Inquiries or Concerns:

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