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“The problems of victory are more agreeable than those of defeat, but they are no less difficult.”

~ Winston Churchill

In Game Description

In a twisted land of blackened sand, where twilight pricks through eternal night. A creature made of flickering ephemeral shadow speaks from a mirror-like surface that mocks the shape of a face. Its words flow into existence creating a large and wondrously complex painting…

“In bold strokes, a canvas tells the tale, Of Mournfall's folk, their courage set to sail.

‘Gainst Nightfrost's grip, they stood their ground, Their towns fate in a war profound.

With banners high and spirits bright, They marched as one, against the night.

Their garments donned no single hue, Defiant hearts, an unyielding crew.


Nightfrost loomed, a cold abode, Its icy towers, a tyrant's hold.

Misrule, in shadows, held command, His presence dark, an ominous stand.


Yet Mournfall's strength, a radiant blaze, In face of foe, in battle's craze.

A clash unveiled on painted scene, 'Twixt occupiers and souls serene.


With motion swift, the scene unfolds, The clash, the fervor, the tales retold.

Colors clash, a visual song, Of Mournfall's struggle, proud and long.


In vibrant hues, the canvas portrays, The clash of wills in the city's maze.

The citizens, united, stood in the fray, Defying tyranny, chasing it away.

Nightfrost's domain, a grim, icy hold, Misrule's presence, cruel and cold.

Yet Mournfall's resolve, a shining parade, Their unity and courage, an escapade.


The painting's narrative, a scene so grand, Transforms from conflict to a joyous land.

A masquerade revels in victory's sway, Mournfall's triumph, in a festive display.


In masques and dance, they celebrate, Their hard-won freedom, no longer at stake.

A town reborn, in artistic grace, Mournfall's triumph, a painted embrace.”

With a flick of a darkened talon the painting disappears to be replaced by a mirror, standing alone and out of place in a realm so far from grace. The mirror-like face of the creature reflects the reflection of the mirror creating a seemingly endless passage that then becomes a wounded man nailing a piece of parchment to a notice board.

'Citizens of Mournfall, since our feet have touched these lands we have faced adversity. We have fought side by side against those who would claim what we hold. We have won. I say to you, be proud. Proud of this victory, proud of each other and proud to call Mournfall your home. We must also remember those we have lost and look to a future so as not to squander their sacrifice.


Therefore, in honor of our hard-won victory and in remembrance of our fallen comrades, it is with great delight that we invite all citizens of Mournfall to join us in a celebration of unity, courage, and resilience. As the evening falls, we shall gather in the fort to revel in a masquerade.


This masquerade shall not only mark our triumph but also stand as a beacon of hope for the days ahead. Let us adorn our finest attire and masks, casting away the shadows of the past and embracing the bright future we've secured. Together, in this grand celebration, let us commemorate our perseverance and the bonds that unite us as we dance and rejoice in the spirit of your beloved home, Mournfall.


Join us for an evening filled with music, dance, and camaraderie. May the masks we wear symbolize the strength of our unity, and the steps we take on this joyous occasion signify our relentless march towards a prosperous future. Your presence will add to the splendor of this celebration.


With esteemed regards and in anticipation of your company at the masquerade,


Vadeus Lysander'

Out of Game Information

We would like to welcome you to attend a Masquerade and the end of Mournfall’s 2023 season.


This will be a non-combat, no tag, social event.


There will be an open bar and various beers, wines and basic cocktails for purchase from the Legion.


While the in-game invite asks for those in attendance to wear formal attire and don masks, this is not a OOG requirement.


As a reminder, please respect the event space.

Rulebook Updates

Tags will be rewritten as needed, please email logistics with photos of your tags to be replaced.


Locks will state external or internal on the tag.


Legendary items will be written with a due date. Effect creation date will be set as the rule change: May 2023. Expiry will be based off this date.


If you have not already, read and sign our waiver before attending a Mournfall Game. If you have already filled one out, please do not resubmit a waiver unless your medical information has changed.

Covid Policy

Please read our Covid Policy. If you are feeling under the weather, please stay home and take care of yourself.

Prelog Information

Head to to register for the event!

Prelog will remain open till 11:59pm the Tuesday before the event. (Tuesday November 28th 2023)

Problems with your character data or technical problems with the database?

New Players

New to Underworld or the online database? Check out our Discord! We have many helpful players including our New Player Liaison team who are more than happy to assist you!

New Player Referral Bonus: (New Players 1st game)

  • The New player who was referred will get the Frag Skill ‘A Friend In Need’. (Shield Magic, Magic Armour and Simple Resist Toxin)

  • The established player who referred the new player will get the Frag Skill ‘A Friend Indeed’. (Advanced Shield Magic, Advanced Magic Armour and Complex Resist Toxin)

Both can be found in the Soul Frag Book: Page 79.

Players must attend the same game together to collect this benefit.

Visiting Players

If you are a visiting player please register for the event on the database as normal and complete this form.


If you would like to be served dinner please send an email to with the subject line 'Masquerade Pre-Order' in the body of the email please include your name and the choice of meat/vegetarian.


You may pre order more than one dinner for yourselves, we won't judge.


Dinner will be a large bowl of either medieval beef stew or medieval vegetarian stew, served with a side of brioche or homemade sourdough and will cost $10.


If you wish to Pre-Order and Pre-Pay, that's even better! Please send $10 to with a note ‘Masquerade Dinner’. Use our guild name as the pass code, if required.

Event Schedule

Space Open: Saturday December 2nd 6:00 pm

Log opens: Saturday December 2nd 6:00 pm

Game starts: Saturday December 2nd 6:30 pm

Game called: Saturday December 2nd 10:00 pm

Space Cleared: Saturday December 2nd 10:00 pm

Event Cost

$45 with prelog AND prepay

$55 with prelog and pay at event / After log close out date

$65 without prelog and pay at event


Event payments can be sent to or can be made via our paypal button on the Logistics page while prelog is open. Prepayments are non-refundable.


Payments received after Tuesday November 28th will be under the $55 fee but will still be accepted.


Blankets Offered: 1 Blankets of CP


For more information on Underworld LARP, please check out


Logistics Email:
Plot Email:
General Inquiries or Concerns:

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