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“If history shows anything, it is that there's no better way to justify relations founded on violence, to make such relations seem moral, than by reframing them in the language of debt—above all, because it immediately makes it seem that it's the victim who's doing something wrong.”

― David Graeber, Debt: The First 5,000 Years

In Game Description

As life springs from nature, so too does it within the settlement of Mournfall. More Berphauntians have been moved in over the month, builders, trades-people, and representatives from various guilds within the capital. All the while the newly established government seeks to pave the way towards progress and growth. Lord Drach has issued a notice that on the 1st day of the month of June, a town hall will be called and he will address the people of Mournfall.

Meanwhile, the Hoblings known as the Chins, appear to have been busy over the winter months reestablishing a population. The Dwarven representatives led by Foehammer have been working on opening up a long abandoned trade route between Mournfall and the City of Humblebrag. Reports of an increased greenskin presence have been filtering through the town guard. While the ice elves continue to quietly bid their time behind Pandoras icy aegis, however there are still those who remain outside the dome of frost.

There are however some immediate concerns that need to be addressed within the region. The shifted and changed landscape as a result of Mournfalls final battle with Lord Misrule in the labyrinth has left many creatures without access to their lairs and roaming the region. This has led to not a small amount of injuries and deaths from the new settlers who have wandered into the wrong place. Of perhaps more immediate concern however is the Skein Gate. The magic of the Gate is flickering and fading as nothing was constructed to house its magic. A new Skein Mage will need to be called in and the magic that maintains the gate and contact with the outside world renewed.

While things seem to be looking up for the settlement of Mournfall the grisled and seasoned adventurers know that peace in Jormunger is an illusion. Blades are sharpened, armor polished and incants practiced by those that know with the melting of the snow comes opportunity for wealth, glory and fame. Or perhaps just Bets, Debts and Hidden Threats.

Out of Game Information

Welcome one and all to the sixth season of Mournfall. 


We have a new site this year which means learning the new land as players. Please keep in mind your surroundings and play safely. We do have beavers dwelling around the land, be mindful.


Darrens’s Cottage is out of bounds and not part of the Larp Area. Players are not allowed there unless accompanied by Darren himself. 


There are trail markers on the trees that mark the site boundaries. We will go over this during opening announcements. 


We have new outhouses on the site. We expect players and team members alike to keep them clean. There will be a waste bin outside of the outhouses for your convenience. Please keep this to waste related to the use of the outhouses. Dispose of your camp waste personally within your own camp. 

Do not dispose of anything into the outhouse other than Toilet paper and bodily waste. Feminine products are to be disposed of in the waste bin. 

Disobeying these rules will result in issues for the guild. 


Garbage: Anything you bring to site is expected to leave with you or be handled by you in some manner. We all want a clean play area. The Tavern Garbage bins are meant for Tavern use. The Outhouse Bin is for Outhouse use. Your waste is yours to handle and not the teams. Plan to bring your garbage home. 

Please burn burnables when possible. (ie paper plates, wood utensils)


There will be a new waiting area for approaching NPC camp. 


Fire pits need approval from GM’s before construction. Currently there is one communal fire pit in the town center area. 


Please Park with care. The road is used by other families that live in the area. Do not block the road. 


The roads leading up to site have the high potential for deer crossing at this current time. Please drive with care and keep an eye on the sides of the road for deer signs. 


As we are in the woodlands of Quebec, cell reception is not an option. For directions, we suggest saving them to your phone, to access it without data. This also means you will not have digital access while at log. Please prepare properly and have everything in order before attending the event. 


For those of you without lodging, we have an offer for those looking to rent a tent for the weekend. An 8 Person tent for $30. It will be your responsibility to maintain the integrity of the tent while in your care. Setup and teardown will be in your hands. Rented items are to be returned to NPC camp at the end of every event. 


As this is the official first weekend game of 2024, all players are required to have their weapons and armour marshalled before game start. Please check your tags for expiry.

Rulebook Updates

Tags will be rewritten as needed, please email logistics with photos of your tags to be replaced.


Locks will state external or internal on the tag.


Legendary items will be written with a due date. Effect creation date will be set as the rule change: May 2023. Expiry will be based off this date.


If you have not already, read and sign our waiver before attending a Mournfall Game. If you have already filled one out, please do not resubmit a waiver unless your medical information has changed.

Prelog Information

Head to to register for the event!

Prelog will remain open until Tuesday May 28th 2024 at 11:59 pm.

Problems with your character data or technical problems with the database?

New Players

New to Underworld or the online database? Check out our Discord! We have many helpful players including our New Player Liaison team who are more than happy to assist you!

New Player Referral Bonus: (New Players 1st game)

  • The New player who was referred will get the Frag Skill ‘A Friend In Need’. (Shield Magic, Magic Armour and Simple Resist Toxin)

  • The established player who referred the new player will get the Frag Skill ‘A Friend Indeed’. (Advanced Shield Magic, Advanced Magic Armour and Complex Resist Toxin)

Both can be found in the Soul Frag Book: Page 79.

Players must attend the same game together to collect this benefit.

Visiting Players

If you are a visiting player please register for the event on the database as normal and complete this form.

Event Location

Low, Quebec

Cell reception is not good in that area. Please save these directions and photos!


Meals Schedule


  • Serving Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner


  • Serving Breakfast

Tavern will be open between meals



Water Bottle $1.00 

Monster Energy Drink (reg. & sugar-free) $3.00 

Can of Soda $2.00 

Sports Drink (Various flavors) $2.00

Coffee / Tea $2.00 

Fruit Smoothies (12oz) $2.00

Add-in Berry Mix Protein Powder $1



Scrambled Eggs (2 eggs) $2.00 

Bacon (2 pieces) $2.00 

Toast (1 slice) $1.00 

Hashbrowns (1/2 cup worth) $2.00 

Pancakes (4 silver dollar sized) $2.00

*Breakfast Plate $6.00

  • (all of the above, or sub 2 pancakes for toast)


Lunch and Dinner 

Grilled Cheese $3.00 

Veggie Burger $8.00 

Hamburger $7.00

Cheeseburger $8.00 

Hotdog $3.00 

Bacon Add-On $2.00 

*Dinner Special 

  • Bowl of Chili w/roll $3.00

Event Schedule

Space Open: Friday May 31st 2024, 5 pm 

Log opens: Friday May 31st 2024, 8 pm

Game starts: Friday May 31st 2024, 10pm 

Game called: Sunday June 2nd 2024, 2pm

Space Cleared: Sunday June 2nd 2024, 6pm

Event Cost

$85 with prelog AND prepay

$95 with prelog and pay at event

$105 without prelog and pay at event


Event payments can be sent to or can be made via our paypal button on the Logistics page while prelog is open.

Prepay payments will be accepted up until Wednesday May 29th 2024  at 11:59 pm at the $85 value.

Payments received after this time will be under the $95 fee but will still be accepted.


Blankets Offered: 1 Blankets of CP


For more information on Underworld LARP, please check out


Logistics Email:
Plot Email:
General Inquiries or Concerns:

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